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This issue's theme is joy.

We're specifically looking to keep it fun, light, and hopeful.

Now accepting submissions, pitches, and queries!

Our goal is to build an inclusive, respect-centered space where LGBTQ+ voices can be heard. We publish writers of all levels of experience, and we're always interested in new voices. Don't be afraid to pitch anything that interests you— even if it doesn't exactly fit this issue, it might be a good match for the next one!

Send pitches and queries to If that feels too formal, you can also shoot us a DM on Twitter.

Send unsolicited drafts to There is no submission fee. Expect a response regarding your submission in around three weeks.

We buy first serial and non-exclusive online/archival rights. In plain English, the right to be the first to print your writing in a magazine, and afterwards to include it on our website.

All submissions except poetry go through a round of editing with our staff.

Our rates are 10 cents per published word, and we pay upon acceptance. Regardless of length, we will always pay at least $30. If this issue is successful, we hope to be able to raise our rates in the future.

A note from the editor...

Growing into my identity often felt immensely isolating. My parents and peer group were mostly conservative and religious, so there were few people I was truly comfortable around.

There were no role-models for people like me, only images of ostracization. It often seemed I had to choose between a life of secrecy or exile.

Thankfully, I came of age alongside the internet. Encountering LGBT musicians, performers, writers, and artists online provided proof that I could be myself without being alone, that I could be queer and thrive.

I'm older now, happy, but I haven't forgotten how it felt to be desperate for something to identify with. I still feel a spark of joy every time I find them. That's why I'm assembling this zine: to share that spark of joy with others seeking their own reflection.

I am so proud to be part of these communities. We thrive, and the whole damn world needs to know it.

Let's get to work,

—Michael Bacon, Editor-in-Chief

What we buy:

We're interested in writing that ties together media (meaning art, music, games, film, theater— anything creative) and LGBTQ+ experiences.

This issue's theme is Joy. Please keep this in mind while writing- your submission shouldn't be specifically about joy, but it should fit into an issue loosely tied together by that theme. If you're engaging deeply with topics that are upsetting, depressing, or negative, it's unlikely your submission will be accepted.

In particular, we really enjoy...

Personal stories that touch on media and your own experience.

600-1800 words, $60-$180

The primary focus of this is your experience— basically, life through the lens of the art we love.

Some examples:

  • How you learned to flirt while attending concerts, and succeeded only by accident.
  • That time you were crushing on someone so hard you spent hours streaming the entire discography of a band they off-handedly mentioned.
  • Road tripping across the country to attend a music fest with a friend you'd just met IRL for the first time, and the books, music, and films you bonded over during the trip.
  • Your favorite film involving an identity similar to your own, and how your love for it transcends the incredible awkwardness of that first time you saw it.
  • How your friend from overseas shared their new favorite band with you during an afternoon at a modern art museum.

Positive reviews for media that deals with LGBT themes.

300-800 words, $30-$80

We're interested in reviews that show us your love for something— like we're listening to a friend recommend one of their favorites.

The primary focus here is the media you're reviewing, but don't try to be formal and unbiased, and don't speak in generalities- keep it conversational and grounded in the specific. We like writing that feels tied to your own experience; less "generic review of X", more "watching Cake Wars helped me get over my ex".

The media involved need not be new, but it helps if it's new to us. We especially prefer stuff made by LGBTQ+ creators.

Critical essays exploring a specific interaction between media and LGBT experiences.

600-1800 words, $60-$180

This might be something like...

  • What virtual reality could do for the future of self-identity, and how it compares to the introductions of radio and television.
  • The transformative power of slash fanfiction, and how it helps to normalize LGBTQ+ identities.
  • Ways in which social media is broadening awareness of queer theater.
  • When homosexual themes in english poetry first stepped out of euphemism and subtext, and what societal changes influenced that shift.
  • How video games have utilized ludonarrative harmony and dissonance to generate empathy for LGBTQ+ experiences.

... or other topics exploring a specific interaction between art and being who we are.

Original short poetry on LGBT themes

Under 100 lines, $30-60

We're interested in original poetry that interacts with LGBT and LGBT-adjacent topics. We enjoy all styles and forms, but hold a particular fondness for free verse.

Submissions need not directly address the issue's theme, but should remain consistent with the general tone of that theme. For this issue, that means we're more likely to publish first kisses than devastating breakups.

Poetry is paid at 10c a word or $1 a line, whichever is higher, and will always pay at least $30 a poem.